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S Space Engineers

  • This update is for the Public Test branch of Valheim, and may therefore be unstable. Before we launch this update to the Default version of the game, we want to make sure to have a chance to discover bugs and adjust the balancing, to give you the best game experience possible.Access the Public Test branch […]
  • Greetings, vikings!November is pretty dark and dreary, but we hope to brighten the darkness with this blog post!As you may have noticed, we released a patch earlier this month which both featured a Unity upgrade as well as some seasonal items for autumn. Unfortunately it was released from the Public Test Branch a bit later […]


V Valheim Updates

  • Space Engineers OfficialOur favorite pastime is browsing through the workshop – we are in love with all the creations our players are constantly sharing. 💫We can't wait every month to spotlight mods and blueprints that catch our eye and have the potential to make your time in Space Engineers more interesting and unique. Here is […]
  • The Steam Awards are back! 🧐We hope you will nominate us for the “Labor of Love” award! 🥰😍https://store.steampowered.com/app/244850/Space_Engineers/

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